3 Passes of Shimshal


Travel to the remote Shimshal Valley and trek in the wild remote,
crossing 3 passes optional unclimbed  Peaks.

3 Passes of Shimshal 2018

This exciting trip takes you through the Shimshal gorge in the proximity of China and high pasturelands of the mysterious Pamirs on the dividing line between South Asia and central Asia. You will see large herds of yaks, sheep, goats and sometimes ibex grazing on these high grasslands. Snow leopard often visits these pastures for a goat or yak meal.

In our journey we will come across steep passes, glaciers, lakes and beautiful valleys. The famous historical Shimshal Pass was the route of Hunza raiders on trade caravans traveling over the Karakoram Pass between China and India in ancient times.   

This unique trek which starts from Shimshal Valley where we will head toward to China border and do a circular loop trek, crossing 3 passes 1 being a first crossing and also some optional unclimbed peaks.


  • Remote wild expedition
  • Trek remote Shimshal and optional Climbs of unclimbed Peaks around 5500m-6000m
  • Explore the beautiful upper Shimshal valleys
  • Experience the hospitality of Northern Pakistan


  • Altitude range 3100-6000m
  • Day temperature range 5C to 15C
  • Night temperature range -15C to 5C

Level of difficulty

  • Demanding

The Plan

Day 0 - Travel from Home country

Day 1 - Arrival to Islamabad Fly Gilgit. 

Day 2 - Fly or Drive to Gilgit 11-12hour over Babusar pass.

Day 3 - Drive to Karimabad 3/4 hours. Explore Karimabad.

Day 4 - Drive by jeep to Shimshal (3000m) 5-6 hrs.  Explore in the Area.

Day 5 - Trek to Wuch Furzin 7-8 hours <(3600m) Camp.

Day 6 - Trek to Arbapurian 5-6 hours - (3900m). Camp

Day 7 - Trek to Gainjdur 5-6 hours  Ganjdur  (4200m). Camp

Day 8 - Rest Day (4200m). Camp

Day 9 - Trek to High Camp of Ghidims Pass 4-5 hours (4500m)

Day 10 - Trek over Ghidims Pass proceed to high camp or continue to Dadu Haikal camp 4-5 hours (4500m)

Day 11  - Trek to Karim camp of Ghidims unnamed pass 4600m

Day 12-14 - Climb unclimbed peak and rest day.

Day 15 - Trek to Junction of Chapchingol Pass  (5100m)

Day 16 - Trek to Mandikhislag 7-8h

Day 17 - Trek over Biosum pass to Shopodin 7-8h 4400m

Day 18 -  Trek to Shimshal 5-6h.

Day 19 -  Drive to Hunza Karimabad Excursion to Altit and Baltit forts

Day 20 -  Drive to Gilgit, fly to Islamabad in case of flight cancellation drive to Naran over Babusar Pass.

Day 21 - Fly Home


  • Sun 1st July -  Sat 21st July, 21 days
  • Start and end in Islamabad, airport code ISB


  • USD 3500
  • Min 4 bookings, max 10 bookings


  • Single Tent 160 USD
  • Single Room 200 USD

PAYMENT and Terms and Conditions

  • To Secure a place a non refundable deposit of 750 USD
  • balance 7 weeks before trips starts.


  • To join one of our trips you MUST have comprehensive travel and medical insurance.
  • We don't arrange or sell insurance.


Ade Summers
  • 14th time leading treks and climbs in Pakistan.
  • 16 years leading treks and expeditions in remote mountain areas.

Other Points

    Please bring the below climbing Gear.

  • Climbing Harness, inc Figure of eight, or ATC, 2 locking Karabiners, 2 snap Karabiners. Assistant rope 3m, dia 6mm. Crampons, Ice axe, Helmut
  • Head lamp, Gaiters, Ski Poles. Trekking / climbing boots
  • Comprehensive gear list will be provided on booking

Our service includes

  • Experienced Western Leader
  • Centrally Located Hotel in Islamabad
  • Hotel accommodation (twin sharing rooms) with full meals (except Islamabad), mineral water with hotel meals. All meals during the trek.
  • Air tickets from Islamabad to Gilgit
  • Group transportation by private A/C vehicle
  • Wages of the porters and their insurance.
  • Sleeping tents (two person) mess and kitchen tents, sleeping mattresses, full camp service
  • Services of climbing guide, cook, assistants and their insurance.
  • All permits camp fee etc. for the the trip
  • experienced guides and local staff

Our service excludes

  • International flights
  • Pakistan Visa
  • Travel Insurance Compulsory
  • Personnel equipment
  • Local Staff tips
  • Drinks
  • Meals in Islamabad

Codes: Hotel, H Breakfast / B Lunch / L Dinner/ D Camp. ▲

Day 0 - Travel from Home Country.

Day 1 - Arrival to Islamabad, fly the same morning to Gilgit and drive to Hunza. In case of flight cancellation transfer to hotel and sightseeing of Islamabad. H B

Day 2 - Early start to drive to Gilgit on Karakorum high way. The drive via the Barbusar Pass is approximately 12 hours from Islamabad. On the we will make stop at Naran for Lunch. The Karakuram High way is 8th wonder of the World, it was constructed jointly by Chinese and Pakistani, and begun in the 1960s and finally finished in 1976. It is a link road between Pakistan and China, and is an engineering wonder. Dinner and overnight at local hotel. H B/L/D

If we flew the previous day, we will recover and sightseeing in and around Gilgit.

Day 3 - Breakfast at hotel, then drive to Hunza Karim Abad, through the Karakorum Mountains as well as Rakaposhi, 7788m, Diran peak 7265m and many more. Pass by the collision point of Hindukus and Karakorum at Chalt. After noon excursion to Altit and Baltit forts. The great myth of Hunza’s tranquility, contentment and purity are perhaps the result of James Hilton’s 1933 novel “Lost Horizon” Where everyone lived happily in Shangri’la. The miracle of the Hunzakut’s longevity supposedly resulting from their largely vegetarian diet of cereals and fruit. National Geographic wrote in 1971. “Every day is a gift when you are over 100”.The fertile Hunza valley offers apricots, apples, cherries, walnuts and many vegetables. H B/L/D

Day 4 - Drive to Shimshal through the Shimshal gorge, 5-6hours, Drive along Hunza River, pass by small villages and glaciers. The construction of Shimshal Road begun in 1985, before this, the people of Shimshal had to do the trek from Passu to reach their homes. ▲ B/L/D

Day 5 - Trek to Wuch Furzin 3600m, 6-7h, the trails goes along the Shimshal River after 1 ½ hr turns to left and cross a small foot bridge over the Shuizherav river. From her e the trail turn towards steep slope. During the trek you will have view of Dastagil Sar 7885m. Shimal White Horn 6500m, Yazgil Sar 5970m. ▲ B/L/D

Day 6 - Trek to  Arbapurian 5 - 6 hours, the trek begins along the Narrow gorge, but the  landscape of this part is absolutely different as compare to the other treks. ▲

Day 7 - Trek to Ganjdur . 5-6h, 4200m ▲ B/L/D

Day 8 - Rest day for acclimatization ▲ B/L/D

Day 9 - Trek to high camp of Ghidims Pass 4-5h. 4500m ▲ B/L/D

Day 10 - Trek over Ghidims Pass proceed to high camp or continue to Dadu Haikal camp. ▲ B/L/D

Day 11 - Trek to Karim camp of Ghidims unnamed pass 4600m ▲ B/L/D

Day 12-14 - Climb unclimbed peak and rest day ▲ B/L/D

Day 15 - Trek to Junction of Chapchingol Pass. ▲ B/L/D

Day 16 - Trek to Mandikhislag 7-8h ▲ B/L/D

Day 17 - Trek over Biosum pass to Shopodin7-8h 4400m ▲ B/L/D

Day 18 - Final morning Trek to Shimshal 5-6h. ▲ B/L/D

Day 19 - Drive to Hunza and Excursion to Altit and Baltit forts. H B/L/D

Day 20 - Drive to Gilgit, fly to Islamabad in case of flight cancellation drive to Naran over Babusar Pass. H B

Day 21 - Fly Home

Please Note

This is our planned and intended itinerary. It is our intention to keep to the day by day itinerary detailed below, although there might be some flexibility due to local conditions or other factors beyond our control. If this is the case the trek leader will do everything possible to work out the changes to the itinerary in order to minimise your inconvenience.

All visitors must hold a passport and valid visa in order to enter Pakistan. Visas  can be obtained at your Pakistan diplomatic missions and consulates.

Our Planned route from Google Earth
Google Earth Image
Shimshal Valley,
Shimshal is a beautiful village located in Gojal hunza. It lies at an altitude of 3,000m above sea level, and is the highest settlement in Hunza Valley of Pakistan. The total area is 3,800 km and inhabitant of around two thousand population with two hundred and forty households. The valley is situated in one of the remotest part of North Pakistan Karakorum Range. Shimshal was isolated till 2002; north frontier works organization and private NGO’s built link road from Passu (KKH) to Shimshal valley. Shimshal Chapchigal Pass trek & climb Minglic SAR 6050m is similar mini expedition and strenuous trekking over Chafchingol pass to KKH Kuksil. There are several virgin peaks around the valley also trekking routes leads to different valleys e.g. KKH, Hisper valley, Pamir valleys and Biafo glacier over Kurdopine pass. The trip starts from Islamabad via the legendary Karakorum Highway to Passu (upper Hunza) and from KKH jeepable leads to Shimshal.

View of Ghidims Pass
Google Earth Image

Where is Shimshal Valley
Google Earth Image