Panpatia Col 2018

Trek in the remote Garhwal Himal.
Crossing from one of the Ganges sources from Badinath to another near Josimath.

Panpatia Col 2017

Between two of the most haloed pilgrimage sites in the Himalayas lies a land that nurtures a legend worthy of difficult discovery and extreme exploration. A tale that has drawn feted explorers of the like of Meade, Shipton and Tilman, Martin Moran, Harish Kapadia, and countless other intrepid souls.They were all drawn by the lore that a priest from Badrinath would trek to Kedarnath in a day. The explorations, which began as early as 1934, have mostly come a cropper, with weather, terrain and nerves beating each party back. The prize of the exploration is the crossing of the Panpatia col, a pass that hides its approach within drifts of moraines, crevasses and massive icefalls. But a route across it exists, and we know that from the many reports submitted by the mountaineers, and the final successful crossing by a duo from West Bengal, in 2007. After extensive research and reading, and fresh from the successful crossing of this legendary route, we are ready to open a once-hidden expanse of the Himalaya to the inquisitive of mind and sturdy of heart. Join us as we unravel the mythical Panpatia col bit by alluring bit.



  • Remote wild expedition
  • Trek remote Garwhal Himal
  • Cross the Spectacular Panpatai Col 5250m and Holdsworth Pass 4650m
  • Experience the hospitality of the Garwhal


  • Altitude range 3100-5250m
  • Day temperature range 5C to 15C
  • Night temperature range -10C to 5C

The Plan

Day 0 - 11th Sep - Travel from Home country.

Day 1 - 12th Sep - Arrive Delhi and take overnight train. 

Day 2 - 13th Sep - Reach Haridwar. Drive to Pipal Koti. Overnight Hotel.

Day 3 - 14th Sep​​​​​​​ - Drive to Badrinath (3133m). Visit the Temple. Rest and Acclimatise. Overnight Hotel.

Day 4 - 15th Sep​​​​​​​ - Trek to Dumkal Kharak  (3528m). Overnight at camp.

Day 5 - 16th Sep​​​​​​​ - Trek to Base of Nilkanth Khal (4300m). Overnight at camp.

Day 6 - 17th Sep​​​​​​​ - Rest & acclimatise. Overnight at camp.

Day 7 - 18th Sep​​​​​​​ - Cross Nilkanth Khal (Holds worth's Pass-4650m) - camp at 4500m. Overnight at camp.

Day 8 - 19th Sep​​​​​​​ - Trek to Snout camp. Overnight at camp.

Day 9 - 20th Sep​​​​​​​ - Rest & acclimatize. Overnight at camp.

Day 10 - 21st Sep​​​​​​​ - Trek to Moraine Camp (4300m). Overnight at camp.

Day 11 - 22nd Sep​​​​​​​ -  Trek to the base of Parvati Col. Overnight at camp.

Day 12 - 23rd Sep​​​​​​​ -  Trek to Panpatia Snowfield – Camp I. Overnight at camp.

Day 13 - 24th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Across Panpatia Col (5260m) - camp at Sujal Sarovar (4750m). Overnight at camp.

Day 14 - 25th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Trek to Kachni. Overnight at camp.

Day 15 - 26th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Trek to Nanu Chatti. Overnight at camp.

Day 16 - 27th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Trek to Ransi and drive to Rudraprayag  Overnight Hotel..

Day 17 - 28th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Contingency day. Overnight in Camp.

Day 18 - 29th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Drive to Rishikesh. Overnight at Hotel.

Day 19 - 30th Sep​​​​​​​ -  Day in Rishikesh. Overnight at Hotel

Day 20 - 1st Sep​​​​​​​ -  Drive to Haridwar to board the evening Shatabdi. Arrive Delhi by 2245hrs.

Day 21 - 2nd Sep​​​​​​​ - Transfer to Airport and fly Home


  • 12 Sept. - 2 Oct, 21 days
  • Start and end in New Delhi, airport code DEL


  • USD 3500 / GBP 3000
  • Min 4 bookings, max 8 bookings


Ade Summers
  • Multiple times leading treks in India and Asia

Other Points

  • Comprehensive gear list will be provided on booking

Our service includes

  • Experienced Western Leader
  • Centrally Located Hotel in Delhi
  • All meals on trip
  • Bed and Breakfast in Delhi
  • Group transportation by private vehicle
  • Expedition-style trek
  • All permits for the the trip
  • experienced guides and local staff

Our service excludes

  • International flights
  • India Visa
  • Travel Insurance
  • Personnel equipment
  • Local Staff tips
  • Drinks

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